Ask the Green Building Experts

Sustainability and Green Building
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High-performance building professionals share their perspectives and best practices. Learn more from the question-and-answer sessions below.

Jay Greene

A Vice Chair’s Vision for the Future of Green Building

Q&A with Jay Greene. Read more

Melanie Leas Von Eschen

Key Takeaways from IBS 2024

Q&A with Melanie Leas Von Eschen. Read more

Drew Smith

Green Building Trends in The New American Home

Q&A with Drew Smith of Two Trails Inc. Read more

Heather Laminack

Trends and Insights from Solar Decathlon

Q&A with Heather Laminack of Ferrier Custom Homes. Read more

Amanda Stinton

Sustainability in Real Estate Trends

Q&A with Amanda Stinton of National Association of REALTORS. Read more

Craig Karn

How Builders in the West Can Manage Drought

Q&A with Craig Karn of Consilium Design. Read more

Ray Tonjes

How Solar Has Continued to Grow

Q&A with Ray Tonjes. Read more

Marla Esser Cloos

Examining Health and Wellness Trends

Q&A with Marla Esser Cloos of Green Home Coach and Everyday Green Home podcast. Read more

Randy Noel

Resiliency Lessons Learned from Hurricane Ida

Q&A with Randy Noel of Reve Inc. Read more

Bill Owens

Building More Efficient Homes Through Remodeling

Q&A with Bill Owens of Owens Construction. Read more

Phil Kean

How the Green Building Industry is Evolving and What Can Make It More Accessible

Q&A with Phil Kean of Phil Kean Design Group (PKDP). Read more

Matt Cooper

Benefits of Green Building Certifications

Q&A with Matt Cooper of PEG LLC. Read more

Julie Carrow

The Value of Virtual Green Home Tours

Q&A with Julie Carrow of HBA of Durham, Orange & Chatham Counties. Read more

Drew Smith

Benefits of Green Building Certifications

Q&A with Drew Smith of Two Trails Inc. Read more

Todd Usher

Benefits of Continuing Education

Q&A with Todd Usher of Addison Homes. Read more

Heather Laminack

High-Performance Building Best Practices

Q&A with Heather Laminack of Ferrier Custom Homes. Read more

Anthony Maschmedt

How to Get Started in Solar

Q&A with Anthony Maschmedt of Dwell Development. Read more

Jillian Pritchard Cooke

Consumers’ Awareness of Healthy Homes in the Wake of COVID-19

Q&A with Jillian Pritchard Cooke of Wellness Within Your Walls. Read more

Jerry Berman

Impact of COVID-19 on the Green Building Industry

Q&A with Jerry Berman of The Christopher Companies. Read more

Troy Johns

Marketing Green Building to Prospective Home Owners: Today’s Trends

Q&A with Troy Johns of Urban NW Homes, LLC. Read more

John Barrows

How to Get Involved in NAHB’s Sustainability and Green Building Subcommittee

Q&A with John Barrows of P3 Builder Group, Inc. Read more

Brandon Bryant

Why Builders Should Consider Building Green

Q&A with Brandon Bryant of Red Tree Builders, Inc. Read more