Offsite Construction Awards

BSC Jerry Rouleau Awards for Excellence in Marketing

Honoring outstanding efforts made to promote homes, products and services within the building systems community, the BSC marketing awards highlight the top digital and print campaigns in offsite construction.

Eligible Projects & Guidelines

The BSC Jerry Rouleau Awards for Excellence in Marketing recognize outstanding projects in print and digital advertising. Single honors recognizing the Digital Marketing Project and Print Advertisement of the year are awarded. Submissions must meet one of the following criteria:

Digital Marketing Project

  • Social Media Outreach. Innovative use of social media outlets such as, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or custom applications designed to communicate with consumers. May be a standalone effort or part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Entries will be judged on content, engagement and creativity.
  • Website Design. Companies submitting a website must send the URL and a screenshot, plus a detailed description of the design, functionality and target audience(s). By guiding the judges through your site’s key features, they will be able to conduct a more thorough assessment of the site.

Print Advertising

  • Consumer Brochure. A printed piece of any size or length that markets systems-built construction to consumers or a product/service to the building systems community. An accompanying marketing statement should include the target audience and marketing strategy.
  • Presentation of Home Plans. This category does not evaluate the plans themselves, but the promotional materials used to illustrate a manufacturer’s home design options. Any materials used to market home plans (either to builders or consumers), including any digital and/or print collateral or plan books, may be entered into this category.
  • Magazine/Newspaper Advertisement. Entries may include any single printed advertisement from a magazine, newspaper or similar publication. An accompanying marketing statement should include advertisement’s target audience, placement and role in an overall marketing strategy.
Offsite Construction Awards

Celebrating the best in offsite construction, the Offsite Construction Awards program recognizes systems-built housing leaders with the Jerry Rouleau Awards for Excellence in Marketing and Home Design.

Contact: Devin Perry
Executive Director, Business Improvement Programs
(202) 266-8577