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Building Santa Fe Highlights Value of NAHB's State-by-State Inclusionary Zoning Report

Kim Shanahan of Building Santa Fe highlights the value of NAHB’s recent inclusionary zoning report, which primarily focuses on state laws and municipal or county ordinances that constitute government intervention in the housing market by imposing limits on maximum rent or price on a certain percentage of residential units in a development as a condition of receiving permission to construct that development.


Learn more about the challenges surrounding land development and NAHB's key advocacy policies.


Tools and Research

Explore NAHB resources, including reports, fact sheets and presentations to help explain key issues.

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Creating Housing for All

Housing affordability continues to worsen in the U.S. These resources and case studies showcase how communities are tackling the housing affordability crisis.

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Regulatory Barriers and Fees

Lengthy and complicated review processes related to land development represent an especially difficult challenge for affordably priced housing.

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Community Planning and Design

Innovative and well-thought out planning and design are critical to land use and development.