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Land Development
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Colorful house being picked among dull houses

In order to meet the needs of a growing population, federal, state and local policies that accommodate an orderly and sustainable rate of housing production are a necessity. How well we plan for projected increases in households, changing demographics and lifestyles, and an expanding economy will have a major impact on the quality of life in years ahead.

Understanding where and how people want to live and the types of homes they want is the first step in mapping the patterns of growth for America in the decade ahead. Finding common ground and building a political consensus must follow. This discussion should start in each local jurisdiction — city, county or township — because the politics of growth are uniquely local and because the authority to determine land use is vested in local government. While general planning principles are useful, the actual planning tools and strategies selected will vary according to local market conditions.

The following resources can be used to help plan various components of the community development to ensure all aspects of the process are taken into account and utilize best practices.

Tools and Resources