EOC Overview

Executive Officers Council
Contact: Caroline Fabacher
(202) 266-8593

Organizational Structure


The voting members of the EOC are the chief paid executives of the local and state Associations and chief paid executives of chapters of local and state Associations affiliated with NAHB that meet certain specific criteria.

Non-voting members are volunteers serving as administrators of state or local Associations executive officers of chapters of local chartered Associations, paid staff members of state and local Associations, and the chief paid executives of other Associations who are members of the International Housing Association.

Board of Directors

The EOC is governed by a Board of Directors composed of the president, vice-president, secretary, immediate past president, five at-large directors, ten regional directors from NAHB Regions A-E, three presidential appointments, two vice-presidential appointments, one secretary/treasurer appointment, a representative from the Past Presidents’ Committee and the EOC Director (ex-officio, non-voting). The five EOC at-large directors, and regional directors, are elected by the general membership during the annual Association Management Conference (AMC).

The EOC holds its annual meeting at the AMC. Regular meetings are held in conjunction with the NAHB International Builders’ Show and Spring and Fall Leadership Meetings. Special meetings may be called by the president or the Board of Directors.

Download the 2024 EOC Board of Directors list.

Download the 2024 EOC Liaisons list.

Committees and Task Forces

The EOC has the following Committees:

  • Nominating
  • Past Presidents
  • Professional Development/Education
  • Workforce Development Committee

Committee members are generally appointed by the EOC President, Vice President, and Secretary. Additionally, Committee Chairs are allowed at least two appointments of their choice. Attendance and participation in most EOC committees is open to all EOs. If you are interested in becoming a Committee Chair, or serving on a committee, communicate in writing to the EOC President or contact EOC staff for more information (x8595).


The Executive Officers Council is headquartered at NAHB in Washington, D.C. The Council is staffed by a director and program manager. The staff is available by calling NAHB at 800-368-5242. The EOC staff can assist you in obtaining information and materials on any of the Council's programs and services. The EOC staff can also serve as a resource for information from the other departments and divisions of NAHB.

Under the general direction of the NAHB executive vice president and the administrative direction of the vice president, in partnership with the EOC leadership, the staff manages the development, implementation and administration of programs, functions and activities of the Executive Officers Council. Staff also, plans, develops and implements departmental programs, policies and services.

Caroline Fabacher, EOC Director, x8593
Manages the development, coordination and implementation of programs, goals and services for Executive Officers of NAHB’s affiliated associations. Oversees the development and implementation of communications to EOC leadership, committees and members. 
Anna Gimeno, EOC Program Manager, x8595
Manages the professional development programs and services of the Executive Officers Council. Focus is on developing educational opportunities that address changing aspects of association management.

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (ET)



HBA Resources

The HBA Resources section of the website contains a plethora of information to help EOs and HBA staff more effectively manage their associations and utilize NAHB resources. For example, HBA Governance & Operations contains sample materials used by HBAs across the country as well committee descriptions, human resource tools and sample EO contracts. Other resources include:

The EOC maintains a directory of the annual Association Excellence Awards (AEA) winners to provide HBAs with examples of best practices from associations of all sizes across the country. Categories include communications, education programs, government affairs, operations, membership recruitment and retention campaigns, and sources of non-dues revenue.

Educational Opportunities

The Executive Officers Council provides education for its members on both industry and Association management topics. Education is provided in a variety of ways. For additional information on the following programs, contact x8593.

Association Management Conference

The annual Association Management Conference (AMC) is held in mid to late summer. The location of the AMC changes each year. Dates and related information are available several years out for planning purposes.

This three-day conference includes education sessions and programming on topics ranging from the legal aspects of Association management to innovative ways to raise non-dues revenue.

The AMC also provides attendees with the opportunity to informally network with their peers from across the country. Networking opportunities allow EOs to exchange ideas and bring home ideas that can be put to use for the benefit of their members.

EO Introductions: First-Timer/New EO Learning and Networking at AMC

EO Introductions at AMC provides EOs an orientation to the AMC, the EOC and some basic association management fundamentals.

Professional Development Programs

The EOC usually offers at least eight hours of education programs for EOs at each NAHB Board meeting. Roundtables and panels offer information on a variety of topics. Past programs have presented information on governance, public relations, time management, and developing political action programs.

NAHB Executive Officer Orientation

The EOC holds NAHB Orientation for EOs in the spring and fall each year. The orientation provides an in-depth look at all of the resources and services NAHB has to offer you and your members. These resources include advocacy, membership tools, communication/public affairs, education, and much more.

The EOC also offers “EO Survival Training” via webinar prior to the International Builders’ Show to introduce first-time attendees to the logistics of the Builders’ Show and offer tips to help EOs and their members make the most of their time at IBS.

Orientation at the AMC

EO Orientation at the AMC provides EOs an introduction to the conference, the EOC and some basic association management fundamentals.

Issues Briefing

At each NAHB Board Meeting, NAHB staff holds a briefing for EOs. Attendees receive information on emerging issues in several areas including local, state, and federal government affairs, economics and mortgage finance, technology and codes, environment, and regulatory affairs.

Certified Association Executive Designation

The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) offers the Certified Association Executive (CAE) Designation to experienced Association managers. In order to earn the CAE designation applicants must complete ASAE’s Professional Development Form, be qualified by ASAE to become a CAE candidate, complete the study of ASAE program materials, and successfully pass the CAE exam.

The EOC assists members who are interested in pursuing CAE study by ensuring most EOC education sessions are eligible for CAE credit.

Membership Recognition

The Executive Officers Council offers recognition to its members through its leadership opportunities and in its communications. There are three specific programs that recognize achievement by EOs.

Association Excellence Awards

The Association Excellence Awards (AEA) recognizes the accomplishments of Associations in areas of association management and member service. There are many award categories for every size Association. Award entries are solicited in February/March and judged in May. The awards are displayed and presented at the AMC.

The AEA entries are available through the Idea Loan File during the rest of the year. A description of the entry materials is available here.

Individual Awards Recognition

In addition to the awards for Association achievement, the EOC presents four individual awards at the Association Management Conference. The awards are the Small Office Honor Award, recognizing the achievements of the small office EO; the New EO of the Year Award, recognizing an EOs accomplishment with less than three years experience; the Career Achievement Award, recognizing the experienced EO; and the EO of the Year Award, presented in honor of outstanding contributions by an EO during a given year. Award entries are solicited in February/March.

Commitment to Excellence

All EOs who attend educational programs related to industry issues and association management are eligible to receive recognition through the Commitment to Excellence Program. Hours are earned by attending EOC, ASAE or local association management education events. Records of attendance are filed with, and maintained by, the EOC office. The hours are also applicable to American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Certified Association Executive (CAE) program.

Member Communications

Friday Morning Email

The Friday Morning Email (FME) is a weekly e-newsletter for EOC members to stay current with what is going on at NAHB, member benefits and Council news. HBA job opportunities are also available online through Friday Morning Email. EOs will automatically receive FME delivered to your email inbox every Friday morning.

NAHB Connect

NAHB Connect is a professional networking and information tool designed to connect EOs and HBA staff across the Federation, and provide instant access to association management best practices, news and industry tools. The platform allows members to quickly and easily connect with other EOs and HBA staff, and provides a space to participate in discussions and share resources.

To join this service, visit hbaconnect.nahb.org. If you have any questions about HBA Connect please contact Caroline Fabacher.

Additional Information

For additional information on EOC programs and services contact the Executive Officers Council at 800-368-5242 x8593.