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Executive Officers Council

Executive Officers Council Overview

The Executive Officers Council (EOC) is a professional organization of association executives who manage approximately 650 local and state builder associations affiliated with NAHB. EOC represents full and part-time executives. In addition to its members, the activities and services of the EOC benefit the members of the NAHB-affiliated associations, the NAHB federation as a whole, the housing industry, the housing consumer and the Executive Officers Councils of affiliated state associations.

The EOC was established in 1950 with the goal of providing professional development and education to executive officers. The Council’s mission is to:

  • Provide a forum for builder association executives to further their professional development through training and education
  • Provide networking and interpersonal communication opportunities for builder association executives to share knowledge
  • Provide a forum for executive officers to serve as a vital resource to NAHB and its leadership in developing and serving the builder and associate membership.

Learn more about the EOC leadership and services and request an NAHB Senior Officer at an upcoming HBA event.

The Benefits of NAHB Membership

Executive Officers from state and local associations share their insights on the value of joining the NAHB community.

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Executive Officers Council
Contact: Caroline Fabacher
Director, Executive Officers Council
(202) 266-8593