NAHB State and Local Issues Fund Now Accepting Applications

Contact: Karl Eckhart
(202) 266-8319

NAHB is committed to assisting home builders’ associations (HBAs) involved in local advocacy efforts on issues affecting the affordability of homeownership.

The State and Local Issues Fund (SLIF) is now accepting applications from state and local HBAs for financial assistance in these efforts.

Administered through the State and Local Government Affairs Committee, SLIF provides financial assistance to help state and local HBAs successfully deal with a legislative, regulatory or ballot issue that has national significance (i.e., national implications beyond the HBA's jurisdiction) or is a common industry problem, the resolution of which could be precedent setting, and might not succeed without financial support of NAHB.

Examples of state and local government issue areas that receive financial assistance are codes and regulations, impact fees, land use and zoning, public opinion and elections, taxes, and more.

Applications are due Sept. 5.

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