Public Opinion and Elections

Builders must provide evidence-based solutions in discussions about housing issues and barriers to affordability with lawmakers. To make a case for sound housing policy, HBAs often utilize polling data from local voters to combat anti-housing policy proposals. NAHB’s State and Local Issues Fund (SLIF) assists local and state HBAs by providing funding for public opinion polling, tactics to defeat ballot measures and other strategies related to elections.

Environmental Policies and Housing Affordability Education Campaign

Home Builders and Remodelers East Metro Association (Maryville, Ill.)(HBREMA)

Illinois’ government has recently shown tendencies to mimic environmentalist states such as New York and California, and they have stated that their goal is to become a 100% green state by 2050. These green policies are good for the environment but significantly hurt the home building industry. SLIF funds for the HBREMA will promote an education and marketing campaign over the next few years to educate the area’s population on how green policies raise the cost of building and buying homes. Strategies for this media and marketing campaign include the distribution of brochures, commercials, billboards, and more.

>Estimated project cost: $20,000

Fund request: $20,000

Training Pro-Housing Candidates to Run for Office

BIA Of Washington (Olympia, Wash.)

The BIA of Washington and its coalition partners have created a day-long campaign course to train quality pro-business and pro-housing candidates to run successful campaigns. SLIF funding will help increase the frequency of the workshops, provide broader geographical access, and allow the BIA to increase the scope of its offerings, including expanding the instructor pool to continue to deliver top-tier political insight for the attendees. BIAW also plans to create and host additional courses, including campaign manager and campaign staff training and virtual classes on how to build a community profile before running for office.

Estimated project cost: $30,000

Fund request: $20,000

Evergreen Campaign Institute

MBA of King & Snohomish Counties(Bellevue, Wash.)

Home builders of King & Snohomish Counties believe that it is important for the association to get involved politically and train the next generation of elected officials to ensure the longevity of pro-housing and pro-business values. The MBA plans to invest in Evergreen Campaign Institute, a one-day seminar focused on government and political leadership development to achieve these goals. The MBA intends to recruit and educate potential candidates on pro-housing policies. In addition to housing issues, the campaign will provide participants with best practices for running a successful campaign.

Estimate project cost: $50,000

SLIF funding request: $20,000

Affordability in Central Ohio: Analysis of Residential Demand

BIA of Central Ohio (Columbus, Ohio)

The BIA commissioned a study to measure residential demand and the housing affordability gap. The study results will assist decision-makers, stakeholders and community members by providing them data that can guide public policy decisions related to housing.

Estimated project cost: $60,000

SLIF funding request: $20,000

Residential Choice Research Project

HBA of Metropolitan Portland (Ore.)

The HBA of Metropolitan Portland is funding research into housing preferences for the Metro Regional Government’s Urban Growth Report. The survey will ask respondents to choose housing types, locations with different commute times, costs, neighborhoods, sizes and transportation options. The HBA hopes that the study will provide statistics to policy makers and greater insight into understanding the economic ramifications of smart growth in land use, transportation and consumer choice.

Estimated project cost: $65,000

SLIF funding request: $20,000

Regional Polling

North State BIA (Roseville, Calif.)

The BIA conducted a poll which found that 70% of residents believed that their children would not be able to buy a home in the region, a majority (70%) of residents opposed the proposed toll lanes on local highways, four times as many people prefer to telework from their home rather than take transit, and by a two to one margin, more people prefer a larger home in the suburbs than a smaller home closer to transit. The NSBIA would like to conduct this poll annually and hire a media expert to help lobby efforts and gauge important topics ahead of elections.

Estimated project cost: $35,000

Funding request: $20,000

Pro-Growth Campaign

North Idaho Building Contractors Association (Coeur d Alene, Idaho)

Builders in north Idaho are strategizing against “Not in My Backyard” pushback. The goal is to run a pro-growth campaign to articulate the opportunities housing development brings through various communication channels, including the BCA website and social media. The association also plans to conduct impact studies.

Estimated project cost: $40,400

Funding request: $20,000

Home Builders Public Relations Campaign

Home Builders Association of Raleigh-Wake (N.C.)

In the wake of local growth, home builders in the Raleigh-Wake community are noticing neighborhood groups forming against growth and development. In response, builders want to invest in a public relations campaign targeted to community and local lawmakers to ensure the building continues. The campaign includes media outreach, social media, creative development, and receptions and events targeting government officials.

Estimate project cost: $148,000

Funding request: $20,000

Public Relations Campaign

Nevada Home Builders

Home builders in Nevada are developing a public relations campaign to increase awareness about the value and benefits of residential construction. The campaign aims to dispel misconceptions about the industry in the community. In addition, the HBA plans to strengthen relationships with policymakers and state agencies. SLIF funding will support campaign tactics such as media relations, social media and community relations efforts.

Estimated project cost: $25,000

Funding request: $20,000