How to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Young Professionals Committee
Contact: Rachel Mackenzie
Manager, Net Member Growth

Studies show that those who are in the market for a new home will research builders online for an average of nearly two years. However, after making initial contact with a builder, most customers will be under contract for their new home within just one month.

Courtney Stewart, vice president of client services for Denim Marketing and industry marketing expert, says maintaining an engaging company website and social media presence is the foundation for attracting new customers and generating more business.

“Marketing is necessary for home building because it helps consumers feel more confident in their choice,” Stewart said at an enrichment session hosted by NAHB Young Professionals at the International Builders’ Show last month. “People need to be aware of your brand, and they will make the purchasing decision much more quickly when they are more informed about your services.”

However, Stewart notes that not just any website will do — quality matters. In addition to having a variety of high-resolution images, the content needs to be informative and current. Incorporating blogs and news feeds will help keep the site looking up to date and show the company is an active, established industry leader within the community.

When it comes to social media, Stewart advises users to focus on producing consistent content for the primary platforms — namely Facebook and Instagram, which are currently the most-used social media platforms among home buyers, according to marketing experts. Then news and blogs can be promoted on social media and link back to your website. Stewart says integrating web and social keeps content fresh and can attract new customers from a variety of audiences.

But cultivating a large online following won’t happen overnight, so Stewart encourages home builders to invest in marketing as soon as possible.

“In a bull or bear market, exceptional marketing will drive the sales,” Stewart said. “Marketing will not only present the opportunity to grow your business, it can expand your bottom line.”

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