Member Benefits
Contact: Marcia Childs
Director, Business Management
(202) 266-8388

NAHB members gain a competitive edge by using the resources available in NAHB’s BizTools library. All of the BizTools content is created by experienced business leaders from across the housing industry. These tips and strategies can help you refine your business expertise, boost your bottom line and build a stronger company overall.

Access to BizTools is a member-exclusive benefit. However, to highlight examples of key topics covered in BizTools, the following three articles will be available to both members and non-members for a limited time.

“BizTools is an absolutely fantastic resource to share with our employees and the employees of the companies with whom we educate and consult! There is so much helpful information to share! One can certainly research information on the web, but I have yet to find information as excellent as that provided by the members of the BMIT Committee in BizTools. I’ve also used BizTools as a member retention and recruiting tool. Whenever I’ve shared it with existing and prospective members, they have [commented] that, if for no other reason, BizTools is worth the price of membership!”

Robert August

“The BizTools section contains mountains of information about virtually every aspect of running a business. I particularly like to dive deeply into the Cost of Doing Business survey results for Remodelers. Any information about setting reasonable and attainable results can be found there. The rest of the site has articles, PowerPoints, videos, webinar replays, etc., that tell us how to reach goals and what to track to stay on that path. Searchable by main topics you will find what you need, all provided by fellow members who are experts in that field. Stop by, you’ll be glad you did.”

Alan Hanbury

“The content featured in BizTools that the Business Management and Information Technology (BMIT) committee generates is not only written by some of the best and knowledgeable people in the industry, but it’s also relevant and timely to what is happening in our industry at any given time. It’s so easy to navigate the articles and I can find information on marketing, strategic planning and even market analysis. I think that the greatest tool NAHB can give its members is knowledge, and that’s exactly what the BMIT committee and BizTools provide.”

Cindy Cepko

“I have been a member of NAHB for 32 years and have been using BizTools since I discovered it just after joining. In fact, I still have some of its earlier booklets. BizTools is one of the many valuable resources available exclusively to members. For me, it’s a key source of knowledge including articles on strategic business planning, basic accounting practices, and tips and strategies to help members refine business expertise, boost bottom lines and build stronger companies overall. And because the BizTools content is created by members, it’s easy to network with those industry experts. I encourage my fellow members to take advantage of this member-exclusive benefit.”

Chuck Miller

“Here is why I choose to keep informed with Biztools! It’s all about the small ‘nuggets’ of information that I can use or put into action right away.”

John Atlee

“Many members wonder what NAHB BizTools can do for their business. There are so many ways it can help you grow your business through its sales and marketing tools, financial guidance, technology advice and so much more. I did not realize how insightful the content was until I was appointed to the committee. I wish I’d found out about it sooner — it would have saved me a lot of time and money.”

Dianne Beaton

“I just finished the new BizTools Video Three Part Series Cash Flow. This is meant for small to medium sized construction business, but great info for all business. The speaker Jake Harris, has a way of sharing information in an interesting, informative and knowledgeable way. He keeps it simple, understandable and has lots of great stories for examples. The series covered critical topics a business needs to know to grow and be profitable. It was great info and good to have a review on some best practices, many of which have kept my business open for 35 years.”

Darylene Dennon

“BizTools has a wide variety of resources available to look through and it has topics on up-and-coming technologies and other key areas that are vital to running a successful business in the housing industry. BizTools is an underrated resource and should be utilized much more.”

Edwin Williams