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In this series of video recordings, industry experts share the latest tips and discuss essential strategies to enhance business operations and boost long-term profitability.

Each month, a new video recording will be added to examine topics such as managing cashflow, preparing for disasters, boosting profits and more. Additionally, an article related to each video will be available for NAHB council members in Council Concepts, and a live “Shop Talk” will be held each month to engage with the featured speakers and ask questions.

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Current Series: Disaster Relief

Upcoming Series:

Business Basics

  • October — Cost Plus vs. Fixed Price: What is the difference, and which should I use?
  • November — Margin vs. Markup:The difference can make or break your business
  • December — Dashboard for Increased Profits
  • January — Profit vs. Wealth

Building a Business Plan

  • March — Business Planning Basics
  • April — Business Planning: Using the Business Model Canvas to Better Understand Your Business
  • May — How to Use NAHB’s Cost of Doing Business Report

Business Enhancement Strategies

  • June — Maximizing Digital Tools to Manager Your Business
  • July — Change Order Best Practices
  • August — Find Balance in Your Option Offering
  • September — A Study in the Movement of Money
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