NAHB Boosts Multiple HBA Advocacy Efforts Through Fund

Contact: Karl Eckhart
VP, State & Local Government Affairs
(202) 266-8319

During the 2021 Spring Leadership Meetings, the NAHB State and Local Government Affairs Committee, awarded eight HBAs with financial assistance through the State and Local Fund (SLIF) to help with advocacy efforts on issues affecting housing affordability. The HBAs were awarded a total of $105,000 towards their efforts.

Public Awareness and Issue Campaigns

  • The Spokane Home Builders Association (SHBA) was awarded $5,000 towards funding a study that will refute the city and county official’s anti-growth policy and develop a solution-oriented approach. In a separate application, SHBA was awarded $20,000 to support the association’s proposed ballot measure to amend the city charter to protect hydroelectric and natural gas power.
  • The San Diego County Board of Governors is looking to change how distance is measured for a Vehicle Miles Traveled Tax that would wipe out an overwhelming majority of county land from development. The BIA of San Diego County was awarded $20,000 to produce a survey of local residents and a public relations campaign.
  • Two local city initiatives proposed by residents and climate activists would have devastating consequences to Denver home builders as well as other businesses. The HBA of Metro Denver (MDHBA) was awarded $15,000 to fund a public relations and media campaign to defeat the measures.
  • The HBA of Michigan launched a coalition to increase awareness of the need for workforce housing and an educated workforce to build it. The HBA was awarded $10,000 to help educate and activate local government to pass legislation and increase cooperation between government and developers.

Research and Technical Support

  • The Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Massachusetts (HBRAMA) has the opportunity to work with the Department of Energy Resources on the promulgation of a net-zero carbon emissions definition and stretch energy codes. HBRAMA was awarded $20,000 for technical assistance from NAHB and consultants to assist in rule promulgation.
  • The Utah Home Builders Association is working with state and local leaders to make informed decisions about how the state should grow. The HBA was awarded $10,000 to help develop a study and messaging guide related to growth.
  • The City of Bozeman, Mont., is interpreting a new inclusionary zoning law to apply to “additions” not “annexations.” Since the city only uses the annexation process, any new land annexed will be subject to inclusionary zoning. The Southwest Montana BIA (SWMBIA) was awarded $2,500 to complete a risk evaluation.
  • An Idaho legislator is exploring a proposal that would allow 100% of new growth in the state to be paid for through new construction permit and impact fees. The Idaho Building Contractors Association (IBCA) was awarded $2,500 for a consultant to conduct a study about the impact of the proposal.

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