Advocacy Resources

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Creating and maintaining an effective advocacy program at your HBA is a critical part of your organization’s ability to serve as an influential voice for the housing industry in your community. These NAHB resources can help you get started.

Local Advocacy Guides

Land Use and Zoning Materials

  • Land Use 101: This section on provides resources to address challenges in local land development processes with the Land Use 101 Toolkit.
  • Impact Fee Handbook: The handbook provides home builders a resource for exploring issues related to impact fees and strategies for achieving balanced infrastructure financing solutions.
  • Structural Inequities in Land Use and Housing: The NAHB Land Development Committee and the Structural Inequities Working Group support a development environment that promotes all types of housing available to all people at all income levels.
  • Inclusionary Zoning Primer: The primer is an economic research study about inclusionary zoning and case studies from different housing markets.
  • San Diego study of Inclusionary Zoning: A research study funded by SLIF.

Housing Affordability

State and Local Issues Fund

The State and Local Issues Fund provides financial assistance to HBAs involved in advocacy efforts on issues affecting the affordability of homeownership. The following examples show how this funding is making a difference:

  • SLIF funds approved during NAHB’s 2023 International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas.
  • SLIF funds approved during NAHB’s 2022 Spring Leadership Meeting in Washington, D.C.
  • SLIF fund approved during NAHB’s Winter Leadership meeting.
  • SLIF funds approved during the association’s 2021 Fall Leadership Meetings in Houston.
Voter Registration Resources Resources you need to register to vote, find your local polling place, request an absentee ballot and more.
State and Local Issues Fund Application