State and Local Advocacy Videos

Contact: Karl Eckhart
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A shortage of skilled labor and anti-growth sentiment are among the issues that make it difficult for the nation’s home builders to increase the housing supply. NAHB has created these videos to help home builders’ associations convey the challenges related to increasing the nation’s housing supply, which is essential to improving the housing affordability crisis.

Skilled Labor Shortage

The average age of people in the skilled trades is rising. For every five tradespersons that leave the profession, only two replace them. This trend has led to a chronic labor shortage. A shortage of skilled labor is delaying home building and remodeling projects and raising construction costs. Now is the time for policymakers to invest in skilled trades training programs.

Anti-growth Sentiment

New homes under construction fuel the local economy by employing a skilled trades workforce and completed homes provide places for people in the community to live. Ask your local and state government to support building new homes in your community.

Support Growth in Your Community

Nurses, teachers, police and young professionals are unable to find homes that are affordable to them. Boosting the local housing supply is one way to make homes more attainable and affordable in communities.