How Can You Improve Housing Affordability?

Housing Affordability

Housing affordability affects everyone. When everyone in your community has access to safe, affordable housing, your community thrives — economically, physically and socially. Safe homes provide healthier living environments for all generations. People are better able to work where they live. And everyone is able to engage in the community.

Here’s how you can help ensure a community where everyone can live, work and play:

  • Learn more about the demographics of home owners and renters in your area, including the percentage of those who are cost burdened, and how they compare to other districts nationwide using NAHB’s Housing Portal.
  • Attend local townhalls, and planning and zoning meetings to learn more about what your local government is doing in your immediate area. Contact legislators following these events to learn more and voice your opinion on the discussion.
  • Contact your local HBA to learn more about the issues it’s following and how those issues affect the cost of housing.
  • Vote for local, state and federal candidates who support pro-housing policies to address the underlying causes of housing affordability. (Or consider running for office yourself.)