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The NAHB Professional Women in Building Council (PWB) is the voice of women in the building industry, dedicated to promoting industry professionalism and supporting members at the local, state and national levels.

NAHB Membership

  • NAHB has about 700 local home builder associations across the country. Join NAHB to access member benefits, networking and education opportunities at the local, state and national level – it’s a 3-for-1 deal. Contact your local HBA to join today.
  • Already an NAHB member? Read on to find out how to access benefits exclusive to PWB members.
  • Already a PWB member? Access members-only information and resources.

NAHB Professional Women in Building Membership

According to recent studies, company earnings of PWB members are 22% higher than those who are not members.

PWB members agree that they are more successful business professionals because of the support they receive from peer members. Access to professional development resources, forums that hone leadership skills, and national recognition within the largest network of residential construction industry professionals also give them a competitive edge.

Join NAHB Professional Women in Building

To join PWB, start locally; there may be a PWB council at an HBA near you. If one is available, sign up! By becoming a member at your local PWB, you also become a member of the national PWB Council. If your local HBA does not have a PWB Council, you can join PWB directly as an at-large member for $50 per year. You’ll still receive the same benefits.

Benefits to PWB Members

Members receive support from each other and collectively create programs and events that represent and reflect their unique interests.

They share strategies and business solutions through education, networking, publications, mentoring and legislative awareness. Many local councils provide hands-on community outreach opportunities throughout the year, and scholarships that support both young women just entering into the trades and professionals who are seeking continuing education and professional development.

During the NAHB International Builders’ Show®, the PWB hosts a variety of activities in its headquarters, and all show attendees are invited. The headquarters’ setting is informal and designed for group discussions and one-on-one networking. It’s the perfect place to discuss trends, challenges and gain fresh industry insight.

Published tri-annually, the council’s exclusive, members-only magazine — Building Women — features powerful trailblazers who support the building industry, business tools, market studies, and tips for balancing work and life. Members also have access to special webcasts, such as this recent one below.

Building Knowledge. BuilderBooks is the publishing arm of NAHB. It’s primary goal is to help you build your business. The publications produced by BuilderBooks have been specifically created to help you streamline your daily operations, better serve your new and existing customers, develop new strategies to safeguard your jobsites and ultimately build and sell more homes. As a PWB council member you save an additional 10% off the member price on every item every day at BuilderBooks.com.

Workforce Development and Labor Shortage Solutions: Strategies to Attract & Support Women in the Building Industry

Bringing together executives from Skanska USA, one of the largest multinational construction and development companies in the world, this conversation focuses on workforce development, the importance of creating leadership paths for women and the impact it has on the industry 's labor shortage. Panelist also share leadership and professional development programs they are executing to promote women in the trades.
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