A Toolkit to Prepare for PWB Week 2023

PWB Week
Contact: Claudia Richards
(202) 266-8211

Help raise awareness about women in the residential construction industry by celebrating PWB Week. These tools will help you spotlight the work and achievements of women in our industry. Use the suggested council activities to plan your week and be sure to click on the daily list of tasks below. View sample social media posts for the week.

Your PWB Week Daily Tasks

Monday, Sept. 11: Supporting the Next Generation Residential Construction Workforce

Suggested Council Activity: Share on social media how you are demonstrating to the next generation that residential construction is a viable career path. Include the details listed below (and don’t forget to use the hashtags #NAHB, #NAHBWomenInBuilding, #NAHBWomenInBuildingWeek and #WeAllBuild. in your posts):

  1. Tag the name of council.
  2. Share no more than two action photos and one group photo.
  3. List the activity name (if not evident in the description).
  4. Describe the activity or program in 10 words or less (e.g., Building bird houses with fifth graders).

Join the Shop Talk: Passing the Baton to the Next Generation of Residential Construction Leaders at 11 a.m. ET. Discuss with fellow members the strategies to best position the next generation of leaders on the jobsite, in the C-Suite and in NAHB leadership ladders. Luellen Smith of Rhino Wine Cellars and the NAHB PWB Council vice chair, and Heather Laminack of Ferrier Builders, Inc. and the 2023 NAHB PWB Council trustee will help start the conversation. This Shop Talk will be moderated by Carrie DeWeese of Chinowth & Cohen Realtors and the 2023 NAHB PWB Council second vice chair.

Social Media: Promote PWB by posting photos of how your council or HBA is engaging the next generation of the residential construction labor force. Remember to use the hashtags #NAHB, #NAHBWomenInBuilding, #NAHBWomenInBuildingWeek and #WeAllBuild.

Tuesday, Sept. 12: Tradeswomen Tuesday  

Suggested Council Activity: Use the Activity Book For The Skilled Trades developed by the HBA of Greater Des Moines to promote the skilled trades to elementary school students and educators. Team up with an elementary school or library to share it with young children.


Volunteer to read The House That She Built book to children at local elementary schools, libraries or community centers.

Social Media: Highlight women in the trades:

  • I support women in the trades – PWB Council/NAHB Members are invited to share stories or images about how you support women in the trades by hiring them as business partners.
  • I AM a tradeswoman – Post a photo of yourself at work – who you are and what you do.
  • Remember to use the hashtags #NAHB, #NAHBWomenInBuilding, #NAHBWomenInBuildingWeek and #WeAllBuild.

Tips to promote women in skilled trades:

  • I support women in the trades - PWB Council/NAHB members are invited to share stories or images about how you support and/or work with women in the trades.
  • I AM a tradeswoman - Post a photo of yourself at work - who you are and what you do.
Wednesday, Sept. 13: Women Making an Impact on the Industry

Suggested Council Activity: Councils and individuals can highlight women making an impact on the industry with NAHB PWB Week templates that include the following details: photo, name, company, position, title and a short quote. Members and councils can highlight their own PWB members or recognize past leaders. Remember to use the hashtags #NAHB, #NAHBWomenInBuilding, #NAHBWomenInBuildingWeek and #WeAllBuild.

Shop Talk: Leaning In: Women Moving from Employees to Entrepreneurs at 11 a.m. ET. Discuss real world strategies to move from employee to entrepreneur. Share your journey and get tips and tactics to move up and transition to entrepreneurship. Increase the presence of women in your workplace to prioritize diversity in the residential construction industry. Chat with two industry experts about their entrepreneurial journeys that span a combined 20 years. Alaina Money Garman, Founder and CEO of Garman Homes, and Lynda Tompkins, Principal with Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes, LLC. This conversation will be moderated by Carrie DeWeese, Realtor with Chinowth & Cohen and NAHB 2023 PWB Council second vice chair. Register now.

Thursday, Sept. 14: Prioritizing Diversity in the Industry

Suggested Council Activity: Give the women leaders in your council a social media shout-out. Remember to use the hashtags #NAHB, #NAHBWomenInBuilding, #NAHBWomenInBuildingWeek and #WeAllBuild.

Ask Me Anything: What I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before I Entered the Construction Industry at 5 p.m. ET.  Join this interactive discussion on NAHB Connect. Hear from women associates and builders about what they wish they knew earlier in their residential construction careers. Chat with our industry experts that have grown successfully in the industry with more than a combined 60 years of experience in the industry. Rachel Brown, Owner and CEO of Rachel Brown Homes; Stephanie Dailey, General Contractor Steven Dailey Construction; Andi Dirkschneider Bliss, President and Chief Executive Rainmaker of Brookline Homes and Elenor Fleming, Founder of Elenor Training & Consultants. Get your questions ready.

Friday, Sept. 15: Celebrating PWB Members and Councils

Suggested Council Activity: Hop on the "They understood the assignment" social media trend to praise an individual or group who have gone above and beyond. PWB Members can use the NAHB PWB Week post template to highlight their council's top activities from the past year.

PWB Members are asked to download the NAHB PWB Week branded PowerPoint slide, highlight their council’s top activities during the past year and post on their social media platforms on Friday.

Recognize the founders of your local councils. Have your members share, “What does PWB mean to you?”

Network with NAHB Professional Women in Building members on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Remember to use the hashtags #NAHB, #NAHBWomenInBuilding, #NAHBWomenInBuildingWeek and #WeAllBuild.

More Tips and Tools

  • Use PWB Week marketing and advertising materials to quickly alert your audience that you will celebrate women in the industry at all levels Sept. 11-15.
  • Pitch PWB Week to your local media outlets using these media resources.
  • Read and share news articles that promote and elevate women in the industry.
  • Learn more about The House That She Built with the Building Me activity guide.
  • Select a woman or women to honor at an industry event.
  • Amplify your PWB Week activities on social media using the hashtags#NAHB, #NAHBWomenInBuilding, #NAHBWomenInBuildingWeek ;and#WeAllBuild. This will help you reach a wider audience through social platform searches.
  • Update your HBA’s website and social media profiles during PWB Week using our branded graphics.
  • Watch webinars featuring female leaders in the home building industry sharing strategies that have helped them become successful at their trade.
  • Share NAHBNow blog posts related to women on your social media channels. In the search field, type “women” or “pwb” to access the content.
  • Create a housing forum to specifically examine and discuss the state of women in housing. Invite members of your HBA, members of your residential construction community and the media.
  • Familiarize yourself with industry stats on women in construction.
  • Help promote women in construction by sharing flyers, posters, banners and social media ads.

Take PWB Week to the Next Level All Week Long

  • Plan a virtual day with the Girl Scouts and teach them building skills like painting, plastering or tile grouting.
  • Work with NAHB Student Chapters who have developed resources for teachers to use for construction, construction management, shop, technology, and physical science classes. Use these resources to market careers in construction.
  • Invite NAHB Student Chapter members or local high school students interested in construction to shadow a builder for a day. Take plenty of photos and share them on your social media platforms and include the hashtags #NAHB, #NAHBWomenInBuilding, #NAHBWomenInBuildingWeek and #WeAllBuild.
  • The HBA of Greater Des Moines developed an Activity Book to promote the skilled trades to elementary school students and educators. Consider coordinating with an elementary school or local library to share it with young children.
  • Review NAHB’s workforce development education and training models and samples for a roadmap on how to teach to students to build a tiny house.

Continue the Celebration of Careers in Construction

October is officially Careers in Construction Month. Find resources to help increase awareness about opportunities available in the skilled trades at nahb.org/careersmonth.