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NAHB produces a variety of newsletters delivered directly to your inbox that focus on specific areas of interest to members and other housing industry professionals.

Newsletters that are free and available to anyone are noted as an open subscription with a link to the subscription form; all other newsletters are developed exclusively for members or can be purchased by subscribers. Members can unsubscribe from any newsletter they do not wish to receive.

Not receiving NAHB newsletters? Send an email to or find out what you can do to make sure they are delivered to your inbox.


  • Friday Morning Email and What’s Up Wednesday: NAHB updates sent to Executive Officers Council members.
  • Housing Headlines: Recap of the week’s most important housing news stories; sent to all members.
  • Monday Morning Briefing: A compilation of industry and membership news. Open subscription; sent to all members.
  • NAHB Student Chapter Update: Focuses on NAHB’s student chapter program and workforce development issues. Open subscription; sent to Student Chapter members.
  • Weekly Education Update: Provides a quick glance at upcoming educational opportunities, including webinars, online classes and more; open subscription.



  • AHG Affordable Housing Monitor: Sent to NAHB Affordable Housing Group members.
  • Council Connection: Highlights of NAHB council activities and news; sent to HBA staff and leadership.
  • Member Advantage e-Newsletter: Updates on top-brand discounts available with NAHB membership; sent to all members.
  • Multifamily Hotline: Delivers economic, regulatory and legislative news specific to the multifamily sector; sent to NAHB Multifamily Council members and subscribers.
  • Multifamily Leadership Board Executive Briefing: Sent to Multifamily Leadership Board members.
  • NAHB Production Builders Update: A compilation of industry news of interest to large-volume builders.
  • Public Relations Exchange (PRx): Email exclusively for HBA staff, leadership and NAHB members interested in furthering the public relations activity of their organizations.



  • BUILD-PAC Buzz: Sent to NAHB’s political action committee contributors.
  • NAHB Global Connections: Sent to NAHB Global members.
  • The Credential: Sent to Housing Credit Certified Professional designees.
  • The State Affairs: A collection of regulatory and legislative news from NAHB’s State and Local team. Open to NAHB members, HBA staff and leadership.
  • Workforce Development Champions Corner: A round up of the latest news, resources and events related to careers in construction. Open to NAHB members, HBA staff and leadership.

Three Times a Year

  • CAPS Connection: Sent to Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist designees.
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