NAHB’s Comments and Posting Policy

Contact: Anne Baker
(202) 266-8447

NAHB encourages comments and opinions from visitors of our websites and NAHB’s social media communities. Constructive criticism and healthy debate are welcome, as long as they do not stray off-topic, are appropriate in nature and are beneficial to other readers.

On NAHB-managed social media communities such as Facebook and LinkedIn, any comments that violate the NAHB policy will be removed after they are posted. Currently, all comments on NAHB websites enter an approval queue for review by NAHB before being posted on the websites. No anonymous comments will be posted.

Relevant and appropriate comments will be posted, but comments that are inappropriate will be removed from the NAHB website, affiliated sites, and associated social media groups. Such comments include:

  • Advertisements, promotions or solicitations (including posts we feel are SPAM)
  • Language that is degrading based on gender, race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality or disability; profanity and obscenity, including sexually explicit language; and threatening, harassing, defamatory or libelous material and language
  • Material that infringes the copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property of any party
  • Information that violates someone’s reasonable expectation of privacy
  • Information you know to be confidential, sensitive or otherwise unlawful
  • Impersonation of anyone else
  • Intentionally false or misleading statements including, but not limited to, fake positive reviews, fake negative reviews of competitors or bogus blog postings
  • Uses of the name or likeness or a third party for commercial purposes
  • Comments that are irrelevant to the nature of the article or discussion thread.

All comments are the property of NAHB and may be used, at its discretion, by the NAHB for promotional or educational purposes. NAHB will not knowingly post content to an associated social media group that violates any rule or policy of that site, i.e., Facebook policies. Nevertheless, the NAHB is not responsible for any actions resulting from the posting of a reader-submitted comment either on its websites or social media accounts.

NAHB’s employment of NAHB-owned trademarks in conjunction with your comment or posting does not grant you any rights in or to NAHB’s intellectual property.