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Land Development Committee

Committee Overview

Spurred by interest in and concern for economic, environmental and community impacts, the Land Development Committee supports, develops and promotes responsible, innovative, high-quality and cost-effective land development practices, programs and resources.

Additionally, the committee reviews and advocates for national, state and local land development legislation, rules and regulation that ensure a balanced approach between economic and environmental systems. Committee members also make recommendations on technical matters such as infrastructure, design and development, and planning, zoning and subdivision regulations.

The Land Development Committee has one subcommittee, which identifies and evaluates emerging land-use policy issues and develops, and recommends research and strategies for addressing them.

Committee membership is by appointment, but meetings are open to all NAHB members and Federation staff. Participation in the subcommittee does not have any membership requirements.

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Land Development Committee
Contact: Nicholas Julian
(202) 266-8309