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Building Systems Councils

Building Systems Councils Overview

The Building Systems Councils (BSC) is the leading resource for the concrete, log and timber, modular and panelized home building industries.

The BSC comprises six councils:

The BSC offers two membership opportunities: one for home builders who are already part of, or would like to learn more about, offsite construction, and one for home component manufacturers and product or service providers in the off-site construction industry. Join today to become a part of the only interest group representing the entire offsite construction community.

The BSC annually hosts the Building Systems Housing Summit — the only national conference dedicated to the entire systems-built housing industry. Formerly called the Building Systems Showcase, the Building Systems Housing Summit brings together builders, manufactures and suppliers of log, timber frame, modular, panelized and concrete homes. Network and learn from a who’s who of the systems-built housing industry while attending fascinating education sessions and dynamic events.

Learn more about buildings systems and the benefits of the Building Systems Councils.

Building Systems Councils
Contact: Devin Perry
Executive Director, Business Improvement Programs
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