Premier Building Systems: Jeffrey Commons Mini Village

WINNER: Multifamily Project

Contact: Devin Perry
Executive Director, Business Improvement Programs
(202) 266-8577

J Commons
J Commons
J Commons

Manufacturer: Premier Building Systems

Builder: Essex Construction and Markus-Thompson Construction

Location: Eugene, Ore.

Jeffrey Commons is a village of 10 mini-homes ranging from 540 to 576 square feet for incarcerated individuals returning to the local community; the main goal of this project is integration. The mini-homes are organized into five duplexes facing an internal courtyard, knitted together with walkways and open green spaces. Decorative arbors form gateways facing the streets, welcoming users and visitors and linking the community to the surrounding urban fabric. The building design is based on material and construction efficiency, incorporating simple forms, modular dimensions, standard detailing, off-the-shelf components and durable finishes. Sustainable strategies include highly insulated envelopes utilizing SIPS roof panels, and multiple windows providing ample daylight — both approaches resulting in reduced energy usage. The most sustainable feature about the project, is the homes’ size. The small footprints and compact design will save resources during construction, and throughout the building’s lifecycle.