18th Street Passive House: Premier Building Systems LLC

WINNER: Panelized Home (2,001-3,000 sq. ft.)

Premier Building Systems LLC - 18th Street Passive House
Premier Building Systems LLC - 18th Street Passive House

Manufacturer: Premier Building Systems LLC

Builder: West Eco

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The 18th Street Passive House was designed by Nick Bray of Nick Bray Architects using 6- and 8-inch structural insulated panel (SIP) wall panels manufactured by Premier Building Systems. The 2,000-plus-square-foot single-family is located in a suburb of Vancouver, Canada.

SIPs were chosen for use in this project because of their energy efficiency and storied fast construction time, which saved on overall costs in energy, labor and materials. The Passive House was designed for solar gain through windows and uses a hot water heat pump for interior comfort without excessive energy consumption. The home received Passive House Canada Certification.

Additionally, the designer used the trees that were felled on the site as siding. Landscaping is natural to the area. The project is also solar ready.