Lipan Road Connect: Boxprefab

WINNER: Modular Home (2,001-3,000 sq. ft.)

Boxprefab - Lipan Road Connect
Boxprefab - Lipan Road Connect
Boxprefab - Lipan Road Connect
Boxprefab - Lipan Road Connect
Boxprefab - Lipan Road Connect
Boxprefab - Lipan Road Connect

Manufacturer/Builder: Boxprefab

Location: Houston, Texas

The Lipan Road Connect evolved as a custom design from Boxprefab’s Connect series home, with three modules oriented around outdoor spaces. The home was designed for an empty-nester couple on a unique lot in a transitional urban area that allowed them to locate their dream home adjacent a preschool facility they own, which provided the benefits of proximity and a live-work environment while maintaining their privacy.

The home was carefully sited into a small grove of existing mature trees, and opens up to the north with natural light and views to minimize the cooling load in Houston’s hot climate. The two modules of the main house form an L-shaped home with the detached guest house providing a U-shaped feel around the outdoor spaces and a pool, connected through decking and landscape elements. Helical piers helped minimize the impact to the trees and allowed the modules to be raised to mitigate potential flooding impacts.

Features incorporate universal design for the owners to age in place. The guest house offers additional flexibility, extending the timeframe they can remain in the home — a truly sustainable approach. Additional sustainable features include:

  • Rainwater harvesting,
  • Low-flow plumbing,
  • ENERGY STAR appliances,
  • Drought-tolerant plants,
  • Low-e insulated windows that are operable to encourage air flow and capture prevailing breezes,
  • High-efficiency insulation and AC,
  • LED lighting and controls,
  • Programmable thermostat, and
  • Low VOC paint.

As a prefabricated home, this project is inherently more sustainable, produced with less waste in a controlled environment and less impacts to the site. In addition, because the structure doesn’t get wet during construction, there are less risks of potential mold and toxins. The controlled environment at the factory also allows air ventilation and flushing, improving indoor air quality to the finished home.

The experience of the home centers around nature and the feeling of openness facing the pool, views of nature and the sky. This outdoor living space really serves as the center of the home – connecting the three modules in a physical and spiritual way.