True North Log Homes: Klondike VI

Winner: Log Home Design (Less than 2,000 sq. ft.)

Contact: Devin Perry
[email protected]
Executive Director, Business Improvement Programs
(202) 266-8577

True North Klondike Exterior
True North Klondike Great Room
True North Klondike Kitchen
True North Klondike Bedroom
True North Klondike Bathroom

Manufacturer: True North Log Homes

Project Builder: Client

This is the second True North Log Home for the home owners. The 1,562-square-foot, two-bedroom, two-bathroom, open-concept home is a perfect cottage oasis for the home owners. After the build of their home, the home owners reflected on how easy their process was. Even though True North Log Homes is in Bracebridge, Ontario, and the Klondike VI is located in the United States of America, True North Log Homes was able to pack materials in a systematic order, helping the builders easily understand the proper order to build the house in. This saves time and money by eliminating the task of sorting materials. The company’s digital inventory also helps with the organization of the product as it assures that every item is accounted for. These two key components of its company allow customers to feel relaxed and confident about delivering True North Log Home materials far distances.