Energy Panel Structures: Bryant Residential Loft

Entry of Distinction: Panelized Home Design (3,001-4,000 sq. ft.)

Contact: Devin Perry
Executive Director, Business Improvement Programs
(202) 266-8577

Energy Panel Bryant Loft
Energy Panel Bryant Loft
Energy Panel Bryant Loft

Manufacturer: Energy Panel Structures (EPS)

Builder: ShaneCon Commercial Construction

The project is an added a fourth level to an existing three-story masonry building. Staging the structural insulated panels (SIPs) allowed for reduced labor and crane time versus the conventional stick framing and insulating the project. Constructed during winter, the SIPs quickly closed in the space, allowing the interior to be easily heated during mechanical rough-ins. The entire structure is supported on a steel frame on top of existing timber columns and masonry. SIPs were used in the floor, walls and ceiling making a complete SIP envelope. The SIP walls (6 1/2-inch thick panels) and SIP roof and floor (10-inch thick panels) created a well seal space resulting in a HERS Index of 32, and blower door test of 0.80 ACH50. The SIPs allowed larger efficient windows, creating great views of downtown Minneapolis from 40 feet in the air.