Advanced Group LLC: 145 Gardner Ave

Entry of Distinction: Modular Homes (2,001-3,000 sq. ft.)

Contact: Devin Perry
(202) 266-8577

Westchester Modular Gardner Exterior
Westchester Modular Gardner Kitchen
Westchester Modular Gardner Bedroom
Westchester Modular Gardner Bathroom
Westchester Modular Gardner Porch

Manufacturer: Westchester Modular Homes Inc.

Builder: Advanced Group LLC

Originally, the idea of building a pre-made modular home wasn’t even considered until Advanced Group and Westchester Modular Homes showcased how a modular home can stand up to a traditional stick-built property. Located in the heart of New London, this custom-built 2,700-square-foot Craftsman-style home was designed from start to finish as an opportunity for the cost-conscious first-time home buyers to build their dream home. Starting with reviewing an online catalog of amenities from living rooms to bathroom sinks, clients were able to craft their dream home with mere clicks of a button. In addition to guiding the clients through the customization of their new home, Advanced Group managed the vigorous environmental certification and approvals process that come with modular home construction. The project culminated in a “house set” event, in which the entire home was assembled from the foundations within a matter of hours.

This was the first project completed through a newly formed partnership between Advanced Group and Westchester Modular Homes and was the first modular home installed in New London in decades. The inaugural project for the partnership presented an opportunity to not only bring modular home building back to southeast Connecticut but also showcase the potential of modular homes in a competitive market for first-time home buyers. Southeastern Connecticut is currently experiencing a shortage of small, single-family homes, and many potential first-time home buyers are opting to remain renters for longer than what would be the case in a different market. Recognizing the opportunity this disconnect in the market represents, the partnership was formed to pair the premier home builder in Southeast Connecticut with an experienced leader in modular home production.