Podcast: NAHB Members Become Lobbyists Next Week in DC

Contact: Reaganne Hansford
Creative Director

On the latest episode of NAHB’s podcast, Housing Developments, CEO Jim Tobin and COO Paul Lopez gear up for the Legislative Conference during the NAHB Spring Leadership Meeting.

More than 800 NAHB members will head to Capitol Hill to discuss key housing issues — “the things that are keeping us from meeting our full potential and building those 1.5 million new homes that we need to build each year,” as Tobin stated — with policymakers across the U.S., with a key focus on the housing affordability crisis.

“There isn’t a state or district across the country that isn’t facing an affordability crunch right now, whether it’s apartments or whether it’s ownership,” Tobin said. “And that’s what our members have to focus on.”

Specific issues that members will bring to policymakers include energy codes, transformers and workforce development. Webinars are available for members on these issues, and NAHB will host a Legislative Conference Briefing on June 12.

In addition to the Legislative Conference, Tobin and Lopez also delve into a recent Wall Street Journal article regarding multifamily development, last week’s verdict in Donald Trump’s criminal trial and potential impact on the 2024 presidential election, and congressional election predictions.

Tobin and Lopez also gave a special shout-out to Lori Asaro, chair of the National Sales and Marketing Council, who is currently road tripping across the country to Washington, D.C., for the Spring Leadership Meeting. Follow her journey on social media at #nahbontheroad.

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