NAHB Provided Nearly $300K to 18 HBAs in 2023 to Address Key Housing Priorities

Contact: Karl Eckhart
VP, State & Local Government Affairs
(202) 266-8319

While NAHB has established a well-deserved reputation on Capitol Hill as an elite power player that wields influence to get pro-housing bills introduced and passed, the association’s Intergovernmental Affairs team is also delivering concrete results by fighting every day on behalf of our state and local home builders associations on major issues that affect our members’ bottom lines.

Through its State and Local Issues Fund, which provides financial assistance to HBAs involved in advocacy efforts on issues affecting the affordability of homeownership, NAHB distributed $298,000 to 18 HBAs in 14 states during 2023. Here are a few notable success stories:

States receiving SLIF grants

Impacting Local Legislation and Regulations

NAHB works tirelessly to create a better business environment for all those involved in the residential construction industry by tracking more than 3,500 housing-related bills in all 50 states that could affect our members.

Looking back on 2023, here are a few highlights of when local and state HBAs shined a light on key issues, challenged regulations that do more harm than good, and fought to level the playing field against powerful interests that could put struggling builders, remodelers and their suppliers out of business:

State and local bills tracked by NAHB

The NAHB Intergovernmental Affairs team participates in advocacy events across the nation. HBAs that seek assistance on analysis and strategy of bills that are affecting their communities are encouraged to contact Karl Eckhart, vice president of Intergovernmental Affairs, 202-266-8319.

Learn more how NAHB resources help members and HBAs advocate for a healthy housing market in their communities.

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