Concerned About Building Codes? NAHB Needs You!

Codes and Standards
Contact: Gary Ehrlich
Director, Construction Codes & Standards
(202) 266-8545

NAHB’s Construction Codes and Standards Committee (CC&S) is looking for NAHB members interested in applying to serve for 2023 on one of its three subcommittees: 

The subcommittees play key roles in helping the CC&S Committee monitor proposed changes to national model building codes and standards; directing CC&S staff advocacy on building codes and standards, including developing NAHB proposals; overseeing research in support of NAHB’s advocacy in the codes and standards arena; and monitoring activities related to green and energy efficiency codes and standards, practices and voluntary programs.

The subcommittees provide a venue for NAHB members, especially younger members, who are passionate about building codes to participate in these key discussions with an eye to becoming future CC&S Committee members, committee or subcommittee chairs, or even representing NAHB on ICC’s code development committees.

To apply to become a subcommittee member for 2023, please contact Gary Ehrlich and indicate which subcommittee you would like to join. Feel free to provide a few details about your interests and related experience.

Subcommittee members must be an NAHB Builder, Associate or Affiliate member in good standing.

Applications are due by Feb. 24. Subcommittee members will be informed of their appointments by the end of March.


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