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Building Codes and Standards Subcommittee

Subcommittee Overview

The Building Codes and Standards Subcommittee assists and advises the Construction, Codes, and Standards (CC&S) Committee in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities related to building codes and standards used to regulate construction.

The BCSSC monitors proposed amendments to national model building codes and standards and oversees NAHB’s advocacy efforts on regulations impacting the home building industry and NAHB members. It also helps staff take positions to advocate in response to amendments proposed by outside parties and on the development of NAHB’s own proposed amendments

The Subcommittee also reviews advocacy recommendations from its assigned Proposal Oversight Groups (POGs).

Subcommittee members are not required to be members of the CC&S Committee; however, all must be NAHB members in good standing.

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Building Codes and Standards Subcommittee
Contact: Dan Buuck
Senior Program Manager, Codes & Standards
(202) 266-8366