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Construction Technology Research Subcommittee

Subcommittee Overview

The Construction Technology Research Subcommittee (CTRSC) assists and advises the Construction, Codes, and Standards (CC&S) Committee members and staff on research activities related to construction technology, codes, and standards.

The CTRSC identifies, reviews, prioritizes, and recommends for approval all NAHB-funded research performed on behalf of the CC&S Committee. The CTRSC monitors the progress of approved research projects, and reviews research plans, protocols, and final reports to ensure that projects address the identified research needs.

Subcommittee members are not required to be members of the CC&S Committee; however all subcommittee members must be members of NAHB and remain in good standing at all times.

The CTRSC meets regularly at or prior to all NAHB Leadership Council meetings. Additional conference calls may be scheduled between Leadership Council meetings to allow the CTRSC to conduct additional business.

Final reports from recent projects completed under the direction of the CTRSC, as well as other NAHB-directed research on building codes and standards, can be found on the Construction, Codes and Standards Research page.

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Construction Technology Research Subcommittee
Contact: Gary Ehrlich
Director, Construction Codes & Standards
(202) 266-8545