Construction, Codes and Standards Research

Codes Research
Contact: Gary Ehrlich
(202) 266-8545

Developers of building codes and industry standards, such as the International Code Council, the National Fire Protection Association and ASHRAE, rely on research conducted by academic institutions, trade associations and other research institutions to inform the development of their codes and standards.

The Construction Technology Research Subcommittee (CTRSC) of NAHB's Construction, Codes and Standards Committee oversees most of the research conducted in support of NAHB policy and positions in the development of industry codes and standards. The Home Innovation Research Labs provides the research on most of these projects.

NAHB often partners with the U.S. Forest Products Laboratory, the Department of Energy's Building America program and other organizations to fund and conduct research. Subcommittee members welcome suggestions for areas of research and potential partnerships.

NAHB can also be a valuable resource for other institutions and associations pursuing research related to residential construction. Researchers can contact NAHB for assistance in formulating project plans and test assemblies that are reflective of methods and materials commonly used in residential construction.

Final reports from notable recent projects are posted below. For more information on these reports or other projects initiated by the CTRSC, contact NAHB.