Last Chance: Sign Letter to Biden Urging Quick Action to Avoid Housing Downturn


This post was updated on April 24.

Don't miss your opportunity to join thousands of members who have signed NAHB’ s letter to the White House urging action to address the issues that threaten to derail the current housing and economic expansion. NAHB will be sending the letter to the White House this week.

“ An important first step to address housing affordability challenges in this current high-inflation environment would be to immediately suspend tariffs on softwood lumber imports from Canada and to move quickly to enter into negotiations with Canada to pursue a new, long-term softwood lumber agreement...And seeking immediate remedies to lumber and building material supply chain bottlenecks will lower construction costs and increase production of badly needed affordable housing,” the letter states.

“ As monetary policy tightens to combat the elevated pace of inflation, regulatory and economic policy should complement these changes by addressing ongoing supply-side economic problems. Keeping housing in the national forefront and addressing these critical housing affordability issues will reduce the risk of recession and help the residential construction industry to lead the economy forward.”

Help demonstrate the power of the NAHB Federation by adding your name as a signatory to the letter.

View the letter and sign your name now.

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