Member Shares How Savings Programs Help Offset Rising Supply Costs

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Some of the perks that come from being a member of a home builders association are more intangible than others, such as the benefits of networking opportunities and the impact of stronger legislative efforts. But there are numerous perks that have a more clear-cut impact on a business’ bottom line.

Members of NAHB — all those who are members of a state and/or local home builders association, or those who are at-large members — benefit from a wide variety of programs that can save each member thousands of dollars every year.

Just ask longtime member — and big-time saver — Shawn Callahan, president of Metwood Building Solutions in Boones Mill, Va.

“We’re constantly taking advantage of the member savings programs, particularly with UPS to help bring down our shipping costs,” said Callahan, whose company manufactures a variety of cold-form steel components for beams, joists and decks, and ships those products all across the country.

“Just in the past two years, we’ve seen our shipping costs go down 25-30% as a direct result of the UPS discounts,” he said.

Callahan says the savings are often times even higher, depending on the time of year, shipping destination and method. Plus, the amount he has recouped in shipping expenses has been enough to help him keep his prices competitive, despite the rising costs of metals and other supplies.

In addition to using the UPS savings program, Callahan says he takes advantage of the Lowe’s benefits at least once a week. His reliance on Lowe’s has increased significantly over the past year when many of his smaller suppliers began running out of inventory.

“The amount we save from Lowe’s alone — with the 5% off through Lowe’s accounts receivable, plus the additional 2% off we get as NAHB members — it’s more than enough to pay for our dues in two of the builder associations we’re members of,” Callahan said.

Over the years, Callahan has served in a variety of leadership roles in his local associations and at NAHB, and he currently serves as the National Area Chairman for Area 3. His responsibilities involve frequent travel, but the savings he gets through NAHB member benefits offset his travel expenses.

“That’s how I like to look at it: The member savings benefits pay for the cost of membership itself, so then all the other benefits we get are just the ‘icing on the cake,’” he said.

For more details about these and other member savings programs, visit the Savings webpage.

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