How Builders Adapted Their Operations for COVID — and What Will Stay or Go After the Pandemic

Business Management

January is often a month to take a hard look at what should be kept for the year ahead and what can be purged. For many builders, this may include taking a look at COVID-required or -initiated practices they implemented in the early months of the pandemic to see what still makes sense going forward.

Pro Builder magazine and Home Innovation Research Labs recently conducted a survey of more than 300 builders to determine what they plan to continue or discontinue from the past 21 months. Some of the top practices builders plan to continue include:

  • Expanding their stable of suppliers because of pandemic-driven supply chain issues and materials price volatility, which they don’t expect to scale back when those crises abate.
  • Incorporating consumer-demanded products and features to meet changing lifestyle needs, including a greater emphasis on indoor air quality and occupant health, floor plans with at least one dedicated office (and likely another), spaces for remote learning, and more and bigger outdoor living areas.

Others they may not continue include:

  • Adopting virus-mitigating practices on their jobsites, and in their design centers and sales offices.

Read the full Pro Builder article for more details.

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