HBAs Reveal Secrets to Membership Drive Success in 2021


More than 150 HBAs participated in the spring membership drive, which officially wrapped up June 30. And while this year’s ONE in 21 campaign encourages each member to help recruit or retain at least one person, many made it a point to recruit several more than just one.

From managing limitations caused by the pandemic to motivating recruiters, these HBAs each had their own secrets to success for spring drives.

Leadership Buy-In

Greater Atlanta HBA (GAHBA)

  • New Members: 99 recruited
  • Recruiters: 52 volunteers

Getting HBA leadership involved shows that building membership matters. For GAHBA, it’s seven-member executive committee led the charge during a two-day “Call-a-Thon.” Each committee member served as a captain of a group of volunteers — including 40 members from the board of directors. Group members made calls to prospects from lead lists.

“The leadership from the captains is what drove it all,” said GAHBA Membership Manager Gary Magee. “They met individually with their teams and stayed in close communication leading up to and throughout the event. By the committee demonstrating to the board that this was a priority, it encouraged heavy participation.”

Creating urgency by actively recruiting within a two-day window also added to GAHBA’s achievements. “Having a specified ‘end-time’ makes volunteers hustle during the time allotted. Although most members do not enjoy calling, they are willing to do it when they are all together at one time,” Magee said.

Incentivize Wisely

HBA of Greater Tulsa

  • New Members: 89 recruited
  • Number of Recruiters: 28 volunteers

Rewarding your recruiters leads to more involvement and determination. Regardless of the quantity or value of incentives offered, they help generate more excitement and competition among recruiters. The HBA of Greater Tulsa uses incentives to not only motivate recruiters, but also entice prospects to join.

Some of the incentives for recruiters and new members included various gift certificates, as well as restaurant and trip vouchers. The effects can be seen in the hard work and success of the HBA’s volunteers.

“The incentives do not have to be huge, but providing recognition to the recruiter on their accomplishments is a must,” said Pablo Perez, HBA of Greater Tulsa’s director of membership. “It’s about building relationships as an HBA family and making existing relationships stronger.”

Get Creative

Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA)

  • New Members: 55 recruited
  • Recruiters: 32 volunteers

With various limitations imposed on in-person events, the GHBA looked for new ways to hold membership drives. In April, it hosted its second ever “Membership Drive-Thru.” While staff and leadership were stationed outside the HBA’s office building, volunteer recruiters could drive by, pick up lead lists and a lunch to-go, and then call prospects from their location of choice.

“It was a success because we made it very relaxed and people could casually come and go, or stay and visit according to their comfort levels,” said GHBA Membership Director Cynthia Fagan.

Fagan’s advice for HBAs planning a drive: “Always be ready to try something different and be willing to make changes and keep it interesting.”

Talking to leadership and getting input from members can also spark an idea that opens even more opportunities.

NAHB has made membership promotion even easier this year with a full suite of marketing assets including graphics, videos, flyers and a virtual meeting background. You can use these assets in your HBA communications, on your website and on social media.

For any questions, or to learn more about membership recruitment resources, contact Michael Davey.

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