Watch Young Building Professionals Discuss their Career Paths


NAHB Student Chapters recently partnered with Cue Career to create a series of video interviews featuring young home building professionals describing their career journeys.

Cue Career interns, all current college students, interviewed three NAHB members who were involved with their Student Chapters and are now young home building professionals active in their Young Professionals chapters.

The three builders shared their unique journeys that led them to the home building industry, how involvement with Students Chapters helped outline their career paths, and the value NAHB continues delivering as their careers advance.

"NAHB is an endless resource; it is an endless network," said Dave Foreman, a general contractor. "You can lean on people that you trust and the industry professionals that you’ve learned from."

Similarly, Jordyn Croom, manager of Land Acquisition and Entitlements at Oakwood Homes and a member of the NAHB Student Chapters Advisory Board, noted, "You have access to the knowledge that comes from other members who have spent decades in the industry." She also revealed that her participation as a Student Chapter member in the NAHB Student Competition during the International Builders' Show opened the door to career opportunities and successes at her current employer.

These video interviews will help inform students about residential construction and encourage them to explore home building when planning their careers. As Henry Rainey, a superintendent at Berks Homes, said in his interview: "Any knowledge is useless unless giving it to someone else."

NAHB thanks Jordyn, Dave, and Henry, for sharing their early career experiences as a resource to others who might be exploring a career within residential construction. Watch the videos on, or use this YouTube playlist to embed or link to individual videos.

Cue Career aggregates the resources of industry associations to provide free and easy-to-use career exploration and workforce development platform to students.

For more about NAHB Student Chapters and workforce development resources, contact Sarah Weber.

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