Workforce Development Programs for Young Professionals

Workforce Development
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Senior Director, Workforce Development & Student Chapters
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The residential construction industry offers more than just another job — many find a rewarding career and earn a competitive salary. In the industry, half of payroll workers in construction earn more than $58,500, and the top 25% make at least $79,450, according to a recent analysis of wages by NAHB. To help young professionals join the residential construction industry, NAHB has a variety of opportunities for career exploration and training. 

Education, Workforce Development and Training Opportunities

Good jobs in the residential construction industry in high growth sectors such as carpentry, electrical, or plumbing, does not always require a four-year degree – which can mean entering the workforce earning a great salary and little-to-no student debt. Those interested in the skilled trades can start earning income in the construction industry before completing their technical training education. Businesses offer apprenticeships, allowing students to earn while they learn. Once technical training is complete, professionals in the skilled trades have strong earning potential.

Internships and Apprenticeship Programs

The best way to start looking for training programs and apprenticeships that lead to good jobs is to contact HBI, an organization that provides skilled trades training in the construction industry. HBI connects students to on-the-job training opportunities such as pre-apprenticeship, certification programs, and job placement services. Programs are available in local communities nationwide for at-promise youth and adults, displaced workers, underserved populations, and anyone interested in a career in the building industry.

HBI ensures that all participants have on-the-job trades training that an employer seeks. Graduates from the program have the necessary skills, experience, and credentials to be successful in the workforce.

Career Counseling for Young Professionals in the Industry

Individuals interested in entering the skilled trades should join an NAHB Student Chapter. The program is designed to enrich students’ educational experience and provides exposure to the home building industry through national programming and connections with their home builders association (HBA).

Being a part of the NAHB Student Chapters program is more than just a membership. It is about career counseling and belonging to a community that supports and nurtures your career aspirations. Students who join can take advantage of educational programming, leadership development, industry recruitment and networking opportunities.

Workforce Development Resources for Job Seekers

NAHB Student Chapter membership is for students studying for a career in residential construction or skilled trades, or for those seeking more information and exposure to construction-related career pathways.

Students receive a practical, hands-on education and obtain skills and connections they can use to begin a rewarding career immediately after graduation. The benefits include:

Networking opportunities

Student Chapter members build relationships with industry professionals and businesses through their local HBA. In addition, members can tap into a national network to seek career advice and learn industry insider tips through NAHB’s member-only community, NAHBConnect.

Career Resources, Employers and Employment

From learning common interview questions to building a professional network, NAHB has helpful guides for student members and young professionals developing trade careers. Students also have help finding internships and jobs and gain exclusive access to education, businesses, events, and professional development opportunities.

Exposure to Workplace Experiences

Student Chapter members can visit construction sites, manufacturer’s plants, material distributors, product testing labs and businesses. In addition, guest speakers from the industry (building, real estate, finance, architecture, etc.) share their experiences working in residential construction.

Focus on Your Future and Develop Your Talent

Membership in an NAHB Student Chapter is the best way to gain practical knowledge of the residential construction industry, and it can pay off, too. Each student member receives a majority of the benefits NAHB builder members receive, including:

Construction Labor Market Success Stories

NAHB Student Chapters has a series videos featuring current college students interviewing young home building professionals. These videos cover a wide range of topics, from the professionals' career journeys to their day-to-day responsibilities, providing valuable insights into the residential construction industry. All professionals interviewed were members of an NAHB Student Chapter and remain active in their young professionals chapters. View the videos.