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Workforce Development
Contact: Greg Zick
AVP, Workforce Development
(202) 266-8493

Learn how HBAs around the country are promoting workforce development in their communities by working with high schools, community colleges and four-year colleges and universities to develop curriculum, sponsor summer camps, and create internship programs.

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Value of Career and Technical Education

Colorado Career and Technical Education
Sarah Heath, PhD, Assistant Provost and State CTE Director, 720-858-2399

Colorado is implementing career and technical education (CTE) throughout its education system to help address the labor shortage issue in the state. Learn about the CTE program structure, see examples of work-based learning and find out how to implement CTE into your state education system.

Elementary School Lego Enrichment Club

Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis
Kate Collins, 317-236-6330

In 2017, BAGI piloted a program in partnership with local school district to create awareness and excitement about the home building industry and its many related careers. The program was rolled out in six elementary schools within the district and involved students in grades 3 and 4.

The format of the program is that of a 6-week enrichment club. Schools have the flexibility to determine when the 6-week format best fits into their school calendar and also whether this program should be before, after, or during school hours. BAGI member volunteers and staff support the program, with the following format:

  • Each session opens with a 10-15 presentation from a BAGI member from the various segments of the industry (e.g., land planning/engineering, plumbing, construction, foundations, roofing, landscaping, etc.).
  • Each session theme will help further the “construction” process for the LEGO home, with the following tasks proposed:
    • Week 1 — Design
    • Week 2 — Foundation
    • Week 3 — Raise walls and modify design
    • Week 4 — Interiors and discussion on plumbing/electrical/HVAC components
    • Week 5 — Roofing and landscaping
    • Week 6 — Final touches
  • BAGI members assist in the lecture component and weigh in on curriculum as needed, but teachers have control over the lesson.

As a culminating event, all of the schools have teams that participate in a LEGO competition, using the skills developed during the enrichment program to compete in a 1-hour competitive event with BAGI builder member judges.

With the support of member volunteers, the BAGI model is easily replicable. The framework outlined above is flexible and allows schools to have control over how they would like to implement the program, which is of no hard cost to them.

High School Introduction to Trades Program

HBA of Northern Kentucky
Brian Miller, 859-653-4815

In 2016, the HBA of Northern Kentucky entered into a partnership with a local area school district and workforce partnership funding to introduce high school students to the career opportunities in the building trades. The HBA operates the Enzweiler Building Institute, a post-secondary evening trades education program for adults taught by industry trade professionals.

Through the partnership, the facility also now teaches high school students a state-approved curriculum that introduces the students to construction trades, and focuses on licensure attainment and long-term employment.

In its first year, the program will take 48 sophomores and juniors from the Boone County School system. After the first year, students will participate in a co-op work program with members of the HBA. After graduation, the students are encouraged to attend the Enzweiler Building Institute to work towards their journeyman’s certificate and licensure attainment in specific trades.

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Teaching Students How to Build a Tiny House

Tulsa Home Builders Association
Jeff Smith, 918-857-5470

Using the NAHB lesson plans, HBA members can work with middle school students during their math classes to help inspire and encourage more students to consider careers in construction. The goals of each lesson plan are to engage the students, fit in a teacher’s required curriculum and be applicable for schools across the United States. Each lesson plan includes a hands-on activity where students apply the math and science principles being taught.

In addition to the lesson plan, a detailed script of what a builder would want to say and do during the lesson also is provided, along with the necessary student handouts.

Trade Associations and Talent Development

Colorado Workforce Development Council
Wendy Brors, Assistant Director, Industry and Operations, 303-318-8470

The Colorado Workforce Development Council provides resources to help associations understand how to address the labor shortage issue by developing partnerships and creating career pathways and work-based learning opportunities. This presentation will also show you how to connect industry and education though shared goals.

Activity Book

Activity Book

HBA of Greater Des Moines
Steph Reed, Chair for PWB DSM, 515-988-9954

The HBA of Greater Des Moines developed an Activity Book to promote the skilled trades to elementary school kids and educators. Through early exposure to the skilled trades more kids may choose to take hands on classes in high school, apply for internships and apprenticeships. The key to success in attracting more youth to the skilled trades is through the parents and educators who need to know that there are career choice alternatives to college.

Activity Book for the Skilled Trades