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Addressing the Supply Chain Crisis

Rising Lumber Costs Add $18,600 to the Price of a New Home

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Over the past few months, lumber prices have nearly tripled. According to NAHB estimates, these price hikes have caused the average price of a new single-family home to increase by more than $18,600. Soaring prices are disrupting the housing market and harming housing affordability.

Top Challenges We Faced in 2021

NAHB redoubled its efforts throughout the year to mitigate the rising costs of building materials. 

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Options for Industry Members

NAHB offers tools and resources to help you navigate the lumber and supply chain crisis.

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Framing Lumber Prices

See an overview of weekly price changes in the framing lumber market.

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Outreach to Lawmakers

See how NAHB is addressing concerns to the Biden administration and Congress.

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Lumber & Supply Chain Webinars 

Watch recordings of NAHB webinars on how to adapt to the rising cost environment.

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Impact in the Media

Read about NAHB’s efforts to keep lumber and supply chain issues in the headlines.

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Talking Points for Members

Use these key points to help illustrate the urgent need to act on supply chain issues.