Business Resources to Navigate Rising Material Prices

Material Costs


Escalation Clause for Lumber Materials: NAHB recommends including an escalation clause in contracts that indicates if lumber prices increase by a certain percentage, the customer would be required to pay the extra costs.


Understanding Appraisal Approaches: Appraisers can incorporate three approaches to determine the value of a property: the sales comparison, cost and income methods. Learn how the cost approach can help builders.

Freddie Mac Supports Collaboration Between Builders and Appraisers: Scott Reuter, single-family chief appraisal officer at Freddie Mac, notes the importance of this relationship and provides additional resources in a recent blog post.

Insurance Policies

Could Rising Materials Prices Leave You Without Enough Insurance Coverage? As home builders and remodelers adjust to soaring materials prices, one area that may be overlooked is the impact of prices on a project’s insurance coverage.

Community Outreach

NAHB has resources available to share with your community to demonstrate how rising material costs is hurting home buyers, builders and the housing industry.

Guide for Assessing Building Materials Use this guide when exploring new materials to relieve supply chain pressures.