Building Resilience: Preparation and Response

Contact: Jonathan Falk
Director, Disaster Operations
(202) 266-8005

Natural disasters can strike at anytime, often causing severe damages to homes and small businesses that can leave lasting impacts for months or years after an event. Through careful preparation, coordinated awareness and organized recovery efforts, builders, remodelers and home building associations play a pivotal role in building greater resiliency into their local communities before and after disasters.

NAHB is committed to helping those communities by providing resources, education and advocating on behalf of remodelers, builders and HBAs for planning and recovery solutions that encourage greater resiliency.

NAHB has curated a selected set of links for HBAs, workers and communities to prepare for and respond to a disaster. For more information and further resources, please visit the NAHB Disaster Toolkit.

Preparedness Resources

Response Resources

NAHB Disaster Response and Recovery Toolkit More resources and links for preparing for and responding to natural disasters in your community.