Disaster Preparation and Recovery Resources

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Natural or man-made disasters can hit any family at any time. When you have time to prepare for a natural disaster, taking a few key steps can make a big difference. Following a disaster, the monumental challenges facing victims who have lost their homes and, in many cases, all of their belongings and their jobs may seem overwhelming. These resources can help you get started.

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Don’t Get Scammed: Find a Qualified Contractor

There are thousands of legitimate, ethical contractors in business around the country.
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Protect Your Family and Home from Wildfires

Take steps now to prepare for wildfires that can spread quickly and endanger your home.
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Keeping Safe During Disaster Cleanup and Recovery

Find out how residents, volunteers and workers can keep safe when disasters strike.
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Protect Your Home from Severe Weather

Equip your home to survive a storm. Don’t wait until the forecast calls for severe weather.
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Checklist for Finding and Hiring a Builder or Remodeler

This checklist will help you select a builder or remodeler to work on or build your home.
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Safety, Effectiveness Key Issues For Flood Damage Clean Up

Cleaning and repair tips for home owners with flood damage.