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Building Systems Councils
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Building systems include modular, panelized, concrete, log and timber frame homes. All systems-built homes have their own defining characteristics, but there are many common benefits.

  • Labor Reduction. One of home builders’ chief concerns across the nation is a lack of skilled labor. As the majority of systems-built home manufacturing happens at the factory, building systems can greatly reduce your reliance of subcontractors and the volatile labor market.
  • Less On-site Build Time. NAHB analysis shows it typically only takes two days to set a modular home on its permanent foundation. In general, onsite build time can be greatly reduced using any component-based systems, from prefabricated roof trusses to structural insulated panels or insulated concrete forms.
  • Reliability. The controlled environment inherent to systems-built construction means fewer delays due to weather or material procurement and enables builders to establish a more predictable and consistent building schedule.
  • Quality. Concrete, log, timber, modular and panelized homes are built to the same local building code standards as stick-built homes. In fact, to withstand the rigors of ground transportation, modular and panelized homes often exceed standards set by local jurisdictions. Concrete homes are rising in popularity due to the sustainable properties of the building material. Don’t forget log and timber homes, which are certified for structural integrity by a third-party inspector before ever leaving the factory.

The NAHB Building Systems Councils (BSC) is the voice of the systems-built housing industry — dedicated to promoting the benefits of systems-built construction to consumers and builders. Comprising six different councils, the BSC represents manufacturers, builders and suppliers of log, timber frame, modular, panelized and concrete homes.

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Join the Building Systems Councils

The BSC offers membership opportunities for home builders and home component manufacturers and product or service providers. In addition to the following benefits, all home builder members receive a complimentary copy of the council’s guide to systems-built construction, Using Building Systems.

Benefits Available to BSC Members

Competitive Advantage. Showcase your company as a leading manufacturer, builder or supplier of systems-built housing by joining the only council that serves the entire industry. Gain new avenues to promote your company and build business relationships in one of housing’s fastest growing markets.

Business Development. Gather business leads, reach more markets, and deliver more homes or products by connecting to the council’s extensive network of systems-built housing professionals in North America.

Nationwide Marketing Exposure. Reach markets coast to coast by taking advantage of the council directories, consumer education initiatives such as National Building Systems Week and National Log Homes Open House Month, and gain peer-to-peer recognition through the BSC Jerry Rouleau Awards for Excellence in Marketing and Home Design. Also, for members of the Log and Timber Homes Council, connect with thousands of potential customers through the council’s consumer-facing website, loghomes.org.

Events. Industry-specific events such as the Building Systems Housing Summit and Building Systems Lounge at the International Builders’ Show offer incredible opportunities to learn and network while getting face-to-face with fellow systems-built housing leaders.

Building Knowledge. BuilderBooks is the publishing arm of NAHB. Its primary goal is to help you build your business. The publications produced by BuilderBooks have been specifically created to help you streamline your daily operations, better serve your new and existing customers, develop new strategies to safeguard your job sites, and ultimately build and sell more homes. As a BSC member, you save an additional 10% off the member price on every item every day at BuilderBooks.com.

Free E-Brochures Learn more about concrete, log, modular and panelized construction from the Building Systems Councils.
Home Builders’ Guide to Offsite Construction An overview of the offsite construction industry and various building systems, the benefits of these systems, and how builders can incorporate them into their business.
NAHB Council Concepts Council members can learn from the best minds in the home building industry from NAHB Council Concepts. Dive into best business practices and hot industry trends, and explore a wealth of knowledge, anywhere you go.

During the building boom, it got really hard to keep subcontractors on the jobsite. I needed to reduce my dependence on subcontractors to keep my business going. And now that we are experiencing a labor shortage, building systems continue to be a great business model.

Ken Semler, BSC member and owner, Express Modular

As a builder who has worked in systems and traditional site buildings, I can tell you that my business has flourished thanks to building systems.

Willard "Buddy" Hughes, BSC member and owner, Hughes Construction

Many of today’s contemporary homes are incorporating sustainable building materials with highly energy-efficient performance and designs that bring the outside in. These trends are echoed in today’s log and timber home designs.

Doug Parsons, BSC member and president, Appalachian Log Structures