YP Week Webinars

Contact: Topher McLarty
Director, Net Member Growth
(202) 266-8246

NAHB Young Professionals held a series of free webinars for young home building professionals during YP Week 2020. Please find the recordings of the webinars below.

Starting Your Business, What You Need to Succeed

Thinking of starting your own business, but not quite sure how to get off the starting line? A panel of young business owners will help those that are looking for tips and tricks to start a successful business in the home building industry.

Mental Health in the Construction Industry

Some 20% of adults in the U.S. have mental health challenges. Learn how to handle potential risks by identifying and connecting individuals to quality resources — and ultimately save lives.

Millennials vs Gen Z - The Differences, Preferences & Tendencies

You can’t refer to all Young Professionals solely as millennials anymore. Learn the differences, preferences and tendencies of both subgroups of YPs.

Social Media Tips for YPs in the Building Industry

Good at building, but maybe not so much with social media? Ask questions of a couple social media gurus on how they have built and continue to grow their companies’ digital presence.