Start a PWB Council

PWB Week
Contact: Claudia Richards
(202) 266-8211

NAHB Councils target specific business interests and disciplines within the home building industry. Councils give members with common interests the opportunity to exchange ideas, further their education, and develop policies that benefit their areas of interest. NAHB data shows that members who belong to a council stay members 40% longer than a member who does not belong to a council.

NAHB Councils include the 55+ Housing Council, Building Systems Council, NAHB Multifamily Council, NAHB Remodelers Council, National Sales and Marketing Council, NAHB Professional Women in Building Council.

Follow the steps below to establish an NAHB Local Council at your HBA/BIA:

  1. Assess the need for a council in your local association.
    • Obtain a profile of your local home builders association membership or create an informal survey to determine the interest of one or more councils. Take a moment to learn more about the specific benefits for members to join one or more of NAHB’s councils.
    • Identify if HBA/BIA members would support and encourage their employees to join a council for member education and to participate in networking opportunities, community service and other projects.
  2. Examine the results of your assessment.
    • If you have determined that you have a core group of members interested in working toward council formation, continue to pursue chartering a council.
    • Call NAHB Customized Member Services Area to speak with a council representative at (800) 368-5242, ext. 8694.
    • National Council staff will:
      • Walk you through the process;
      • Discuss the steps needed to form a council and connect you with the NAHB staff liaison for the relevant council(s) you are starting;
      • Provide you with support materials for the council(s) that you are interested in forming;
      • Give you a council enrollment form, information on dues and reporting requirements, and membership processing procedures.
    • If you have less member interest at the time of your assessment, encourage HBA/BIA members to join an NAHB council as members at-large or by directing them to call the national office at (800) 368-5242, ext. 8694.
  3. Identify council officers and founding members of the new council.
    • The council chair and vice chair are responsible for guiding the council in setting goals and objectives and will be instrumental in accomplishing those goals throughout the year. The founding members are your champions and will assist the leadership in accomplishing the goals initiated for the council. This is a good time to establish a strong leadership ladder that will carry the council through the first 3-5 years.
  4. Submit the following enrollment application materials to national office:
    • Enrollment Form — Complete the council enrollment form which includes the complete contact information for each new council member. Be sure to include each member’s NAHB pin number or company ID number to verify membership eligibility.
    • Dues — For each new council the HBA/BIA is starting, the HBA should submit one check to NAHB that includes national council membership dues for each new local council member.
    • Member Roster — Create an excel spreadsheet that includes the contact information for each new council member including email addresses. Indicate who the chair and vice chair of the new council are on the spreadsheet.
    • When all the council enrollment application materials are completed, mail your packet and payment to: NAHB Council Dues, PO Box 719281, Philadelphia, PA 19171-9281. Additionally, please email a copy of your packet to