From Dream to Reality

Tips to Make It Happen

Log Homes
Contact: Devin Perry
Executive Director, Business Improvement Programs
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With a log or timber home, you have the opportunity to create a unique place that comes alive with your own personality, lifestyle and interests. But with that freedom to go in any direction, many people become overwhelmed with the enormity of the choices. That’s why we’ve created The Perfect Path to Your Dream Home, to provide home buyers with a map of the building and buying process.

To make your dream home a reality, we recommend you follow these important steps.

Determine Your Budget
If you need to finance your new home (as most of us do), then it’s important to meet with a log-friendly mortgage lender to determine a realistic budget. By knowing your ballpark budget from the get-go, you can avoid chasing land, designs and amenities you can’t afford.

Ask for a Raise
Why not? Your employer can either say “yes” or “no.” If it’s the former, it can help you qualify for a larger home or amenities. It can also help you pay off any debts that may interfere with this project.

Set Goals and Deadlines
By clearly defining your goals, you can make the dream a reality. What’s realistic? Whatever your time-line is, whether it’s six months or six years, having a “To-Do” list will help you stay on the path.

Attend a Home Show
A number of log and timber home shows around the U.S. help educate consumers on their options for buying and building. They are an excellent opportunities to learn more about each company and their building system.

Create A Digital Scrapbook
Use the articles and photos on this website to create a digital scrapbook of designs you find appealing. Not only will you be renewing your passion for this project, you’ll be performing valuable research on what you want in your new home.

Locate Land
Your dream home needs a dreamy setting If you haven’t located land for your new home, now’s the time to get started. Start by searching online in the area that you wish to live. Driving the area to get a feel for the land will also work, as will working with local real estate agents or builders and contractors.

Tour Manufacturing Facilities
Many members of the Log and Timber Homes Council routinely hold open houses of their manufacturing or handcrafting operations, where you can get a close up look at how they can craft your dream home with precision.

Use This Website
To start shopping for log and timber home producers, find log and timber home manufacturers that belong to the Log and Timber Homes Council.