Building Systems Councils E-Brochures

Concrete Building Systems Brochure

Concrete Business Systems

A Winning Mix for Home Building: Strength, Speed, and Flexibility

Learn how concrete can be used to create whole-house, eco-friendly building systems — not just footings and foundations. Photos and detailed descriptions of the various applications walk you through the ways you can build stunning homes with concrete.

NAHB's Homebuyers' Guide to Offsite Construction

Home Builders Guide to Offsite Construction

NAHB’s Home Builders’ Guide to Offsite Construction provides an overview of the offsite construction industry and various building systems, the benefits of these systems, and how builders can incorporate them into their business.

Log and Timber Building Systems Brochure

Log and Timber Building Systems

A Uniquely American Tradition, and the Original ‘Green’ and Sustainable Way to Build

A step-by-step guide to understanding the log home industry from the Log and Timber Building Systems. Invaluable for builders and buyers, it ushers readers into the beautiful, historic world that is log home construction.

Modular Building Systems Brochure

Modular Building Systems

Your Dream Home: Built Fast, Built Green

The brochure sheds light on exactly what modular construction is (and isn’t!) and showcases its myriad benefits. Learn how building nearly 90% of a home in a controlled environment can revolutionize the approach you take to residential construction.

Panelized Building Systems Brochure

Panelized Building Systems

Put Together Your Dream Home: Save Time, Money, and Energy

There are many forms of panelization and the efficiencies that can be gained by using panels in your residential construction projects. Panelized homes offer builders fast, affordable housing solutions.