How a Top 50 Builder Fast-Tracked Community Launches and Their Plan Library with a Connected Tech Stack

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By Alex Hunter, VP of Marketing at Higharc

NAHB recently reported that 61% of home buyers indicated new construction is their first preference, marking the highest share since 2007. With the continued housing shortage for buyers, home builders face a golden opportunity for growth in the current market for new residential construction.

So how can growth-minded home builders take advantage of this opportunity to meet the demand? If you’re struggling with slow-to-change software, manual spreadsheets, and costly rework, the right technology is the way forward for builders looking to scale up without adding headcount.

Meet a Home Builder Leading the Way

Epcon Communities, a Top 50 builder in the U.S, needed to modernize its plan library and improve its buyer experience in order to drive growth. They were able to accelerate change with Higharc, producing accurate renderings in just days instead of weeks, and significantly speeding up time to market. Read the full story online.

“Completing the renderings and other marketing materials faster than in the past means we’re launching projects at least two months ahead of when we would have been able to do so with our old process.”

-Paul Hanson, President of Epcon Franchising

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Facing the Operational Challenges in 2024

Eliminate the back-and-forth with change management

From code updates, to changing buyer demands and staying in-sync with field redlines–change always happens. Higharc makes change management drastically easier with one connected cloud platform, allowing you to manage millions of variations, options and lot-specific details for any plan – all in one place.

Meet modern customer expectations online

Today’s digital-savvy home buyers expect a personalized experience. Builders who offer a modern sales experience and home configuration tools will gain buyer confidence and boost sales. Higharc empowers your team with an interactive 3D model configurator for your website and sales center. Every option selected automatically updates the sales brochure, takeoffs, and CDs, ensuring what gets bought is what gets built.

Automate estimates for better cost management

Manual estimating is incredibly time-consuming and can add weeks to the design process. Higharc provides an intelligent system that measures both master and site-specific plans to generate takeoffs and bills of materials automatically. Purchasing teams can take greater control of the bid process, visualize construction costs, and keep data in-sync across the business.

Design, Sell and Build Faster with The Homebuilding Cloud

The Higharc Homebuilding Cloud replaces traditional processes and software with one connected, web-based solution. Your team gets a groundbreaking design tool, better 3D sales experience, takeoffs and auto-generated CDs. Whenever a plan needs to change, every team gets updated automatically, drastically reducing cycle time and costly rework.

We are thrilled to be a 20 Club sponsor in 2024 and look forward to learning more about your business. You can reach out to me directly at or book a demo for a zero-obligation consultation to see why Higharc is the only solution for builders looking to take their business to the next level.

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